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Buy or rent standard gitterboxes at 2018 prices!

Kerítésrendszerek Kft. offers realistic prices with smooth and flexible arrangement, may you consider either purchase or rental possibilities; our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. We are constantly replenishing the available stock of gitterboxes, so that the fulfillment of a larger order can also be feasible within a short time.

Our products

Gitterbox 970 UIC RAL7030 (certificated)                                      Gitterbox 500 RAL7030                   



We offer discounted rental prices, in connection with what, please contact us, and our collegue prepares a unique, personalized quotation.

About us

Kerítésrendszerek Kft. has been present on the Hungarian market since 1999, and intends to meet all of the expectations of both residential and industrial customers.  We welcome our new and returning customers with a rich product range in our offices both in Budapest and Biatorbágy.

Even we ourselves are frequently faced with the difficulties of creating safe conditions for freight transport, hence our company considers it as its mission that freightage companies be sure to use compliant systems. The certificated gitterboxes/mash boxes can be pre-ordered online on our website. We are located in Budapest, but we undertake transfers all over the country.

Further information:

Katona-Szentpétery Hajnalka
E-mail: szentpetery.hajnalka@keritesrendszerek.hu
Phone: +36 20/345-5577 

Csom Szabolcs
E-mail: csom.szabolcs@keritesrendszerek.hu


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